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Hello from Yard

Welcome to Yard Baking. Glad you wanted to know more about our baking company.

Many ask us, what is Yard? Yard means a place or the place, we are Fine baking Yard, the place where fine baking happens :) 

We started in 2021 with an objective of bringing the best bakery products using the most quality ingredients at affordable prices to Hyderabad customers. We are specialized in bakery, artisan chocolates and continental food items. Every product we make will go through certain quality checkups and approvals and for every product we make we try to bring some change and new experience to our customers. 

We have well educated and qualified chefs in different departments who are passionate about their chef arts, you can see their passion in every product we make and bake.

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Our specialities

We can proudly say that, in the less amount of time since we started, we have gained thousands of customers from Hyderabad, especially from Kukatpally areas. 


We consider that, cake is an art. We make such kind of cakes which look so beautiful and tastes amazing. We promise to our self and to customers that we don't use any artificial flavors to bring the flavors in the cakes. We try our best to make the cakes with natural pulps. We use edible and best branded colors unless there is demand for using them in the cake making. We make customized cakes which will match your birthday or any event. We have good cake artists, who can bring the best output for the cake. 

Artisan chocolates:

Chocolate making is an art. We are very good at making chocolate truffles and chocolate bonbons. Chocolate truffles are made using pure chocolate and without any flavors and with the original source of the flavors only. Chocolate bonbons are called as chocolate colorful arts, they look so lovely and filled with different varieties of flavors inside. We are sure that, every bite you have will give you a big smile on your face with tremendoes joy.

Baking products:

We are specialized in other baking products such as donuts. We have cinnamon donuts, chocolate donuts, center filled donuts which also called berliner donuts. Our cinnamon rolls are so popular with our signature touch to them. Try our croissants with coffee as combination :) . Our apple pie has gained many fans in Hyderabad.

We have as many as 12+ varieties of pastries like Tres leches, Tiramisu, Opera pastry, fruit based pastries and many chocolate based pastries.

Continental food:

To make our bakery a well balanced bakery, we have introduced many continental items to our menu. We make thin crust pizzas, which taste good with less maida and more toppings. We make signature style pasta which will satisfy Indian pasta lovers which has a hint of Indian flavors.

Cool drinks:

Try our milkshakes which are made without water and without ice to make them taste so yummy. We have a good range of Mojitos as well try them for refreshing from this hot summer. 

Hot chocolate:

We can proudly say that, we make the most delicious hot chocolate in the city at a very affordable price. Hot chocolate tastes good with marshmallows, you may try it in your next visit to Yard bakery.

Customer satisfaction:

Customer is God. It is our privilege that, the customer choosen us to purchase a bakery product from us. We make sure every customer is 100% satisfied. Any feedback we receive from customers will help us improve our quality and experience. We have been maintaining 4.9 rating on Google with hundreds of positive feedbacks. 

Get in touch with us:

We undertake bulk orderd and party orders. We can make cakes from 100 grams to 100kgs. Talk to us for any information you require. We are just a call or message away: 9963 880 308

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